What is the difference between unmanned stores, new retail, and vending machines?

What is the difference between unmanned stores, new retail, and vending machines?

1. Unmanned store:

      Unmanned stores refer to all or part of the business processes in the store, which are intelligently and automated through technical means, with reduced or no manual intervention. This means that there may no longer be business division and cooperation among retail practitioners such as shopping guides, cashiers, and security in the store; from the perspective of consumers, the work of shop assistants is not displayed in front of them; from the perspective of retail practitioners, employees The work is concentrated on the out-of-store operation; from the perspective of personnel input, a lot of resources can be saved.
      In order to be closer to consumers, unmanned stores have moved unmanned shelves into the office. First, they can snatch part of the stock market that originally belonged to convenience stores. Second, they can stimulate consumers' impulses through "reachable" products. sexual consumption. In addition, unmanned shelves are also wrapped in the two most popular concepts of "sharing economy" and "new retail", which are logically sought after by the capital market.

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2. New retail:

       New retail means that enterprises rely on the Internet to upgrade and transform the production, circulation and sales processes of goods by using advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, thereby reshaping the business structure and ecosystem, and improving online services, A new retail model that deeply integrates offline experience and modern logistics.
       In recent years, what is a tuyere and what is a flow pool? Which industry project capital is most fond of, then undoubtedly the only answer is new retail! As early as at the Yunqi Conference on October 13, 2016, Jack Ma first proposed the concept of new retail. In this new concept, Jack Ma even mentioned that the era of pure e-commerce will soon come to an end, and in the next ten or twenty years , only new retail.

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3. Vending machines:

      Vending machines are commonly used equipment for commercial automation. They are not limited by time and place, and can save manpower and facilitate transactions.
      With the increase of income level, people's pursuit of flexibility, convenience, speed and self-service is the main reason for the rapid development of vending machines. With the continuous expansion of opening to the outside world, the traditional retail industry has developed into a situation in which various methods such as department stores, supermarket chains, TV direct sales, and factory direct sales coexist, which greatly facilitates people's lives. At the same time, vending machines have the advantages of high technical content, new sales methods, large market potential, and genuine commodities, which determine its broad development prospects. Moreover, it is connected with new consumption methods such as electronic shopping, which can create huge business opportunities.

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