How to make a profit in a vending machine business?

Micron smart vending machine
Why is the vending machine project favored by so many entrepreneurs?

Micron smart vending machine will introduce the commodity sales of vending machine products and the additional value-added items of the fuselage itself to analyze these aspects!

Let's talk about sales first. As a vending machine, its most important function is to sell goods. Only by selling goods will there be the possibility of profit. Whether it is a beverage vending machine, an adult health care product vending machine or other customized vending machines, a purchase is completed when the displayed product is sold, and cash or mobile electronic payment will be credited to the account. In terms of profitability, various commodities are different, which needs to be determined in combination with the use environment. If the price is low, the market price is high, and the profit space is high, then the profit will naturally rise.

Secondly, the value-added services that come with the fuselage. Take a WM-22 beverage vending machine as an example. The 22-inch touch screen can meet the functions of customers to purchase products and refresh the payment QR code. As a standard function, there is not much value-added service. Highlights.

Micron smart vending machine

On the contrary, the 55-inch advertising screen of the WM-55 vending machine can bring advertising benefits by itself. Of course, the price will be a little more expensive, but it can quickly earn back the cost through advertising revenue.
Micron smart vending machine

Through the characteristics of the vending machine itself, it can attract advertisements, whether it is a surrounding merchant or a large brand, it can be negotiated and placed. If a large number of vending machines are put on the market, the advertising effect of the chain will multiply geometrically, and the publicity effect will be considerable, and the price of the advertisement itself will also increase, and the annual income will be considerable.

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