Three profitable vending business you need to know. 2022.11.17

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Three profitable vending business you need to know.

As a mindset we all believe vending business is about snack and drink.
Of course it’s more then that, all kinds of vending machine going make unattended retail popular. Most kinds of product can be sold in vending machine.

Here we will introduce three profitable vending business, let’s see if you are ready to enter into one of them.

1. Flower vending machine.
Many people searching where to get a flower. Why don’t you bring the flower to them, near a hospital, near a school, in the shopping mall, air port, train station. Install a flower vending machine is a very good invest.
Flower vending machine solution product page: //

If you want more detail, about how to start a flower vending business, below page you can refer to:

2. Vape vending machine.
No double, if it’s workable in your country. This is a very good business. In most country, vape is not allow to sell on line. So people have to find off line shop. And it’s too much invest to open a shop. Vending machine become the best channel for vape retailing.
Vape vending machine product page:
Standing model:
Wall mounted model:
How much you need to invest to start vape vending business? You can refer to this article:

3. Fresh fruit, fresh vegetable
There are no good fresh fruit vending machine before. Now we have. Weight sensing smart fridge vending machine. Fresh fruit to be sold by KG. Grab and go.
Put it in the office, community bring real healthy to your customer.

Smart fridge vending machine Product page:

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