There are mainly these reasons for the loss of investment in vending machines, do you know?

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Investment losses are mainly due to the following reasons, do you know?

Watching some friends lament online that investing in vending machines is a loss. After all, vending machines are also a business. No matter what business, some people will make money and some people will lose money. Take investing in vending machines as an example, what is the reason for the loss, and what is the way to make money? Next, we will analyze from two aspects, hoping to help those who are running vending machines, or want to make money from vending machines.

Vending machines, like traditional industries, still need to pay attention to many things in order to make money. In addition to less initial investment than opening a traditional store, more research is needed. The main reasons for the loss of investment in vending machines are as follows.

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1) The placement of the vending machine was not selected properly.

Vending machines are placed just like we open a small store. This is very important. Once the location of the vending machine is determined, it is very troublesome to move it to another place. The determination of the point, the characteristics of the crowd around the point, such as whether the crowd is fixed or mobile. The age characteristics of the crowd, the competition around the point, these are all factors that need to be considered, and these surveys must be clearly listed in the early stage.

2) Not choosing the right product for the vending machine.

After determining the location, we know the surrounding crowd structure. It is possible to estimate what kind of goods they need most, instead of vending machines for adult products, drinks, snacks, etc. as many people do. The goods sold by vending machines should be specially screened according to the surrounding crowd. Only by choosing the right products can you get more profits, and you can get more profits. Investment in vending machines is a loss, and you must carefully consider whether the product selection is correct.

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3) No choice of vending machines.

Vending machines serve to sell goods, and only by selling goods can you make money. So when choosing a vending machine. According to your own products, you can bring the products to the past for testing. If the vending machine is not selected correctly, the more products you sell, the more after-sales problems you will deal with, and the worse your reputation will be. It will only get worse and worse, and vending machines can't make money. How to choose a vending machine, I have shared a lot before, you can take a look.

4) Failure to do a good job in the maintenance and operation of vending machines.

A vending machine is a machine that operates 24 hours a day. Therefore, we need to ensure the normal operation of the vending machine. More importantly, we should promptly deal with the problems that customers encounter during the purchase process.

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Another important aspect of vending machine operation is to take full advantage of the big data of vending machine back-office management software. This data can help us operate better. It is estimated that many friends only pay attention to sales, and pay less attention to others. For example, sales ranking, product sales data sales time period, these can help us make better money.

The above lists the four reasons for the loss of investment in vending machines. If vending machines want to make money, they need to do a good job in these four aspects. The first three aspects are basically the work to be done in the early stage of the vending machine, and they are also one-time. And last but not least. That is, do a good job in customer maintenance, and help customers solve problems encountered during purchase in a timely manner. Once the vending machine is determined to be placed, many of them are doing business with repeat customers around, so this is very important.

Many friends see that vending machines are the future trend, and the investment is also small. In the absence of a clear investigation, they did not consider how to choose the location, how to choose the goods, how to find the vending machine, and how to operate it. This is also the reason why many people lose money by investing in vending machines.

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