Lets put fresh fruit in vending machine!

R290 environmental friendly refrigerant vending machine Micron Smart Vending

Everybody love fresh fruit, healthy and delicious!  How come the vending machines are not selling fresh fruit? Guess it’s because the traditional vending machine is not suitable to sell fresh fruit. Due to it’s not standard product, take apple for example. Some apple are bigger, some are smaller, how to delivery the apple, how to price the apple it’s the problem to sell them from Vending machine.

Micron smart fridge vending machine fresh fruit

While, now we have the solution. Micron Smart fridge vending machine, base on weight sensing technology, having the option of sell by KG(for fresh fruit), or sell by pec(standard product like snack and drink).

Micron smart fridge vending machine fresh fruit

You can easily sell all kinds of fresh fruit from the Smart fridge vending machine such as apple, orange, banana…just set price per KG. And at the same time, you can also put beverage and snack into the machine. Which make it a perfect vending machine for office, workplace, school, park…

Micron smart fridge vending machine fresh fruit

If you want to sell fresh fruit in vending machine, please contact us for more information!

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