vending machines only need to do these points to make a profit!

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For new retail, I believe everyone knows more about unmanned stores and unmanned vending machines. Among them, the high rent of unmanned stores, high requirements for business premises, and inflexible investment lead to relatively high thresholds, while vending machines are the first choice for many small-scale vending machine investors due to their low ground rent, with flexible investment and equipment. low cost.

For many small vending machine investors, funds are limited, or they do not plan to invest too much in the initial stage, they just want to try a new retail market, as long as they do the following things, they can basically be profitable.

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1. Choose the right model

According to the cargo lane structure, the vending machine has a variety of cargo lane types, and different cargo lanes are suitable for selling different commodities, such as serpentine cargo lanes and in-line stacking cargo lanes, which are specially designed for bottle filling and Tetra Pak packaging. Beverages are developed. The serpentine cargo lane and the in-line stacked cargo lane have high space utilization, less jam rate, long durability, good thermal insulation performance, and energy saving; the spring/crawler cargo lane has a simple structure, mature technology and low cost, and is suitable for selling various packaging. Snacks and daily necessities, it can also sell drinks, which is more versatile (although the rate of jams is higher when selling drinks)! The spring/crawler + elevator gimbal cargo lane is suitable for selling all kinds of items that cannot be dropped, such as fresh fruits, bottled drinks, etc. The multi-door lattice cabinet is not picky about the goods at all, as long as it can be put in, there is no need to consider other things. But the disadvantage is obvious, the overall capacity is smaller. Different cargo lanes have their own advantages and disadvantages. As long as the special plane is dedicated, it can reduce the rate of stuck goods and improve operational efficiency!

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2. Choose the right product

Compared with high-priced and high-margin products, vending machines are more suitable for selling fast-moving consumer goods (such as various popular snacks, beverages, dairy products, etc.) It is stable, and there are many scenarios suitable for fast-moving consumer goods, so there is no risk in operation.

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3. Choose the right place

Both vending machines and traditional small stores are retail stores, and there are still certain requirements for the location of the venue. Generally speaking, the better places are various stations, transportation hubs, large factories, schools, hospitals, tourist attractions, etc. These places either have a large flow of people, or the space is relatively closed, and young people gather together, they are all placed The perfect place for a vending machine.

The above is about the contents of the operation of vending machines that need to do a good job in order to be profitable. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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