Why is it inevitable that vending machines will replace physical stores in the future?


With the increasingly fierce competition in the new retail market, vending machines have risen rapidly in just a few years. From traditional vending machines that no one cares to, to intelligent vending machines have generally appeared in major public places.

At this moment, vending machines are already waiting for opportunities to slowly replace physical stores and become a ubiquitous part of people's lives. So, what are the advantages of vending machines compared with physical stores?

smart fridge vending machine

Vending machines have six advantages:

1. First of all, the price of a vending machine is cheap, the capital investment is small, and the threshold is relatively low. In addition, the area of the vending machine only needs 1-2 square meters to be placed, and there is no need for specialized shops. For example, free spaces in parks, school dormitories, scenic spots, hotel apartments, transportation hubs, industrial parks, office buildings, and service halls can be used.

smart fridge vending machine

2. Vending machines are not just the food and beverage machines we see. There may be dozens of types of vending machines, such as weight-sensing cabinets, wall hanging machines, lattice cabinets, blind box machines, etc., which are all automatic sales. The performance of cargo aircraft in various formats.

smart fridge vending machine

flower vending machine cooling locker

PPE vending machine

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wall mounted vending machine

3. As labor costs and rents become more expensive, the development of 5G and mobile payment technology become more and more mature, and the fields of automatic, shared, and automatic vending will enter the fast track of development.

Micron smart vending machine

4. The investment is low and the risk is small. To give the simplest example, opening a physical store will cause huge losses if the business is not good, and the vending machine only needs to change to a better location and products. The vending machine can change the position and the goods sold at will.

vending machine application scenarios

5. A vending machine is equivalent to a small convenience store. The difference between it and a convenience store is that it does not require manual sales and is open 24 hours a day. Whether it is windy or rainy, as long as there is electricity, the vending machine is It can be open all year round.

snack vending machine

6. The vending machine has a large screen, which can put advertisements, in addition to the fuselage, it can also do very good advertising effects. Compared with traditional physical retail stores, this not only reduces the cost of media advertising, but also cooperates with other businesses to allow them to broadcast advertisements on vending machines and increase advertising revenue. This is a very important part of the profit of vending machines.

large touch screen drink vending machine

In the future development, it is inevitable that vending machines will replace physical stores, and it is also the need of the times. Looking through the annals of history, it is not difficult to find a rigid rule: when new things appear, old things will naturally be eliminated in this society.

Vending machines have the advantages of high technical content, new sales methods, great market potential, and genuine goods at areasonable price, which determine its broad development.

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