Is it a good idea to buy vending machine from China?


Is it a good idea to buy vending machine from China?

China vending machine is quite different from machines made in the US, Italy or Japan. It’s not just plug an play, simply MDB. Most machines need connect to the internet and come with a touch screen.

Why is China vending machines different? The vending industry in China developed late. You don’t see vending machines 10 years ago in China. Only when E-wallet become so popular, all vending machine remove the cash devise. Vending machine become cheaper, and vending operation become easier.

unmanned retail market size vending machine

Need to be very careful! Most of the vending machines factories in China focus on China market. The smart system used it’s developed base on China market demand. So select only the factories prepared for exported. For example, Micron Smart Vending, TCN vending…

So, back to the question, is it a good idea to buy vending machine from China?

If you are a vending machine reseller, the answer is “YES”


      1.China vending machine is with IOT technology which is the trend of future smart retail. This smart vending technology is keep upgrading fast, work with a good China vending machine factory to stay at the latest vending technology. Like E-wallet, remote control the vending machine with mobile. Get real time data for better business decision…
Micron smart vending machine

Micron smart vending machine with E-wallet

         2.China is on the way to become the biggest vending machine manufacture base. Due to rapidly growth of China market vending machine demand and export demand. Production qty of vending machine will become biggest in the world in coming 5 years. Bigger production qty means average machine cost can go lower.

Micron smart vending machine

      3.New vending machine. Apart from spiral machine, you will find many new vending machines coming out. For fresh fruit, vegetable, frozen food, egg…all these machines open a new area of vending. Breaking the mind set of vending machine = snack and drink. This is a whole new world for vending industry.

smart fridge vending machine

smart fridge vending machine

Is it a good idea to buy vending machine from China?

I will say YES.


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