Have you ever seen a medical vending machine like this?


With the development of the economy, people pay more and more attention to their health, and the average life expectancy of human beings has also increased significantly due to the improvement of medical standards. However, due to the increase in labor costs and site rents, pharmacies abroad have always been in short supply. Medicine The emergence of vending machines has solved this problem very well.

Micron has many years of experience in vending machine manufacturing and is committed to solving problems for customers. We have launched a variety of models to meet the different needs of customers, especially in the field of medicine.

1. OTC Medicine vending machine(WM22-W)

medical vending machine

23 aisle/floor, total 5 floor....It can hold 115 SkUs, and you can adjust the Aisle yourself according to the size of your merchandise, You can check out the video to see how it works://www.micronvending.com/intelligent-vending-machine-with-card-reader.html

2.24/7 Medicine Vending Mmachine

medical vending machine

If you are selling expensive drugs, hopefully this thick sheet metal design will give you a sense of security...  In addition to its own medicine aisle, it is equipped with a conveyor belt for transporting goods to the pick-up port,  elevator and medicare card system are options

3.Combination vending machine

medical vending machine

Spring+Locker, more possibilities...Don't waste any space on the machine ! Click the link for details>

Excellent hardware and shape with our intelligent system, give you extraordinary experience, micron vending machine factory is your trusted partner.

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