With the advent of the unmanned economy, what kind of vending machine is more profitable?


The explosion of vending machines is coming. Micron believes that traditional old-fashioned coin-operated machines and beverage machines will definitely be eliminated with the popularization of intelligent vending machines, and vending machines will usher in a continuous wave of intelligent iterations.

So, what about the vending machines of the future? How intelligent can it be?

touch screen vending machine

1. Touch-screen purchases go mainstream

It is no longer necessary to press various complicated buttons on the machine. The new generation of intelligent vending machines with their own high-definition electronic touch screen realize the purchase interface at a glance through the operating system settings and design, making your purchase as simple as buying on a mobile phone, The selection, payment, and delivery are all intelligent. Consumers can clearly see the introduction of the types and prices of the goods on the screen, and they can easily buy with the touch of a finger.

Micron smart vending machine software

2. Machines and equipment become the entrance of big data

The intelligent operating system on the vending machine can intelligently control all goods. Every purchase of a consumer becomes a data source for user portraits and purchase preference analysis. Operators can clearly understand consumers' needs and preferences through big data analysis. Preferences, so as to guide the purchase, distribution, sales and other links, the invoicing management based on data analysis allows operators to increase sales more scientifically and effectively. Based on the above description, Micron believes that operators who master massive user consumption data will also become the party that owns consumers in the future.

Micron smart vending machine software

3. Intelligent management and control replace manual management

Internet access to the machine, whether it is equipment failure or out of stock, can be reflected to the management terminal (including mobile terminal and computer terminal) in real time. For example, when the vending machine breaks down, the monitoring system will quickly find out and issue a warning; and when the milk or potato chips are sold out, it will send a replenishment signal to the manager in time, and it is no longer necessary to visit the site, which is very convenient. the management of the operator. The intelligent management background developed by the Micron technical team can effectively control the inventory and precise management of the supply chain, effectively reduce inventory pressure and purchase replenishment pressure, and even achieve zero inventory.

Micron smart vending machine software

4. Function Derivation - More Than Vending Machines

Micron believes that it is not only a breakthrough in product selection, but the vending machine in the future will not only be satisfied with being a sales terminal, but also have infinite possibilities for advertising, social networking, information release, communication platform, etc. Based on the large-screen design of the new generation of vending machines and the intelligence of the operating system, it is already a mature application to display advertisements on the screen, or it may not be impossible to click on a product to display a product introduction like Taobao's baby details page; Or, it is very possible to post a finding notice, a friend advertisement, and a real-time review of the product on the ubiquitous vending machine, and the imagination is huge.

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