Weimi Vending Machine Company at Guangzhou Exhibition

Guangzhou, China - On May 17, Weimi Vending Machine Company participated in a prominent vending machine exhibition in Guangzhou, captivating attendees with their impressive range of fashion-forward and cutting-edge vending machines. The company introduced various new designs, including their AI visual vending machine, which utilizes advanced AI visual technology to enhance the customer experience. 
One of the highlights of Weimi's showcase was the AI visual vending machine. This innovative machine revolutionizes the traditional vending process. By simply swiping their card, customers can open the machine's door, select the desired item, and then close the door. The AI technology accurately determines the price, charging the customer accordingly. With this seamless and automated process, purchasing items becomes incredibly convenient and efficient.
We also presented their star product, the Smart fridge vending machine. This versatile machine is capable of selling a wide array of products, ranging from snacks and beverages to fresh vegetables and fruits.
The Smart fridge vending machine boasts an impressive capacity, thanks to the Weight Sensing Technology. This expansion in capacity allows for the sale of larger or heavier products, catering to a broader range of consumer needs.  
In addition to these offerings, Weimi showcased their vape vending machine, catering to the growing demand for electronic cigarettes and vaping products. The wall hanging type machine is designed specifically for locations with limited space, making it an ideal choice for clubs and bars. On the other hand, the full touch screen variant of the vape vending machine provides increased capacity and the ability to display advertisements, making it an attractive option for various settings.
Different from traditional vending machines, our Locker vending machine can not only sell snacks and drinks, but also vegetables, fruits, sandwiches, egg, frozen meat, cakes and other products. Plaid cabinets ensure that products will not be squeezed and fall, so as to keep the products in good condition. We provide customized services, which can change the size of the plaid according to different product sizes.
We got idea from Locker vending machine, and made innovations in the shape of the traditional vending machine. We have added lockers on the right side of the vending machine, which increases the capacity of the vending machine. Moreover, the lattice cabinet is more suitable for selling larger or heavier products.

We commitment to innovation and our diverse range of vending machine designs have positioned them as a frontrunner in the industry. By introducing advanced technologies and addressing various market needs, Weimi continues to shape the future of vending machines and enhance the convenience of everyday transactions.

We will be participating in other exhibitions this year, and if you are interested in our vending machines, we are happy to have you come to the exhibition and talk to us.