Which is the best Farm produce vending solution? Cooling vending locker or Smart fridge vending machine. 2022.12.6

author: Nate
How to sell farm produce in vending machine, here we would like to show you two vending solution! 

They are:
1. Cooling locker vending machine.
2. Smart fridge vending machine.

Cooling locker, select product from touch screen, make payment, then customer can take out the product.
Product page: //www.micronvending.com/egg-locker-vending-machine-card-reader-farm-produce-high-tach-vending-machine.html

How to buy farm produce from a cooling locker vending machine
Most of kinds of farm produce can be put in the locker.
The locker can be with cooling system or without. Locker section dimension can be customized.
Sell fresh farm produce in vending locker
Selling fresh farm produce in vending locker
Can also sell fresh egg, Fresh flower  in cooling locker vending machine.
Selling fresh flower in cooling locker vending machine

The other farm produce vending solution is smart fridge vending machine.
Customer tag their bank card/ credit card to open the fridge, they can grab what ever they like.
After they closing the door, machine will caculate total cost.
The advantage is that, smart fridge is smaller body, bigger capacity. 
And having the option of sell by weight. For example, apple, operator can set: $3 per kg.
Depanding on how much weight of apple token, the cost will be charged to the customer.

Smart fridge vending machine product page:

Smart vending fridge selling fresh farm produce

Smart fridge vending machine selling farm produceSmart fridge vending machine selling fresh farm produce product
Which solution do you think is better?

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