Frozen meat and ice cream vending machine vegetable and fresh fruit vending machine

micron smart fridge vending machine

At cold winter, no body wants to go to the super market to shop.
If there are vending machines nearby, supplying frozen meat, fresh fruit and vegetable, would save people lots of effort. Are you interested in this business opportunity?

But for the vending machine operators, frozen vending machine is always look so expensive. For fresh fruit and vegetable, the traditional vending machine is not a good solution.

micron smart fridge vending machine

Micron Smart vending have developed Micron Smart Fridge vending machine. Can be freezer can be fridge. Can sell frozen meat, ice cream, can sell fresh fruit, vegetable, snack and drink. Flexible for all kinds of product. Customer just swipe their credit card and buy, great shopping experience.

micron smart fridge vending machine

What’s more important, compare to those super expensive frozen vending machine, the price of Micron Smart fridge is obvious lower.

Micron Smart fridge is the perfect solution for residential area. Great vending solution for selling frozen meat, ice cream, fresh fruit and fresh vegetable.

micron smart fridge vending machine

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