Should I buy vending machine from China?


Many vending machine operator are asking the same question, Should I buy vending machine from China?

In the past, the production of vending machines was mainly concentrated in the United States, Europe, and Japan.
In recent years, vending machines from China have begun to frequently appear in the markets of various countries.
So many vending machien operator start asking, should I buy vending machines from China.

Should I buy vending machine from China

Firstly, i would like to give you my answer: If you want to use the latest vending technology, yes, you should try China made vending machine.
Buy you should only choose the named manufacture, such as: Micron Smart Vending, TCN, XY vending...

Let me explain to you the situation of China vending machines.

1. Vending machine become popular in China only in recent 10 years. So the mass production of vending machine happen not too long ago.
Because China go E-wallet early, the vending machine manufactures have to go for IOT technology, to embrace E-wallet, cloud-system technology.

2. As market demand grows, production capacity of the manufactures goes big and start to look at the oversea market.
But only a few manufactures really have the ability for oversea tech support and stable cloud system for oversea market.

3. The trend is that China vending machine should occupy arround 30%-35% of globle market. This number is referred to fridge(home appliance.).
So more and more China made vending machine will be seen in the market. 

Should I buy vending machine from China

The reshuffle of the vending machine industry, the era of new technology and new retail has arrived.

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