24/7 unmanned convient store, super market solution for sale. self service store full of Smart fridge vending machine.

author: Nate
Is your unmanned store solution selling enough SKU? Is it safe enough?
Cost is too high to hire labors, while traditional vending machine hold limited SKU. And not flexible enough, difficult to change product.

Here we are introducing one unmanned store solution solving all above problem.

Take below video for reference. This is a unmanned store opened in Guangzhou China. Using Micron Smart Fridge vending machine put together, selling more then 300 SKU, all kinds of product, big, irregular, glass bottle, frozen food, juice, ice cream, vegetable, fresh fruit, egg…


How this unmanned store work? It’s Micron Smart fridge vending machines put together. There are cooling smart fridge, frozen smart freezer, room temperature smart fridge can also be made. Flexible for all kinds of product. As long as it fit in the fridge.
Each tray able to hold up to 40kg.
All machines are connected to Internet, all the sales, inventory data can be found from your smart phone.

Detail introduction page: //www.micronvending.com/Vegetable-egg-fruit-frozen-meat-vending-machine-in-the-unmanned-store.html

How a customer can buy from the store, it’s very easy. Only three step, find the product you want to buy. Tag card to open door, grab and go.

Smart fridge vending machine compare to traditional vending machine
Why this solution is safe? A customer need to swipe his card to open a fridge. Already pre-authorized amount is freeze in his bank card/credit card.  Customer can take multiple products in one purchase.
And the amount will be deducted from the pre-authorized amount.

Shopping experience for customer is very good. Different customer can buy in the shop at the same time with different smart fridge vending machines.

If you plan to open a 24/7 unmanned store, this is a good solution.
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