Tennis racket vending machine with smart vending system. For padel racket, tennis racket sports equipment, updated 2023.1.4

author: Nate

Would you like to have a vending machine to help you selling your tennis racket and padel racket?

tennis racket locker vending machine with smart system
Working video:

Advantages of this locker
1.You can check the real-time inventory of products through your mobile phone and make replenishment in time.
2.It is very convenient to change the product price and set the product discount through mobile phone.
3.Upload ads to the touch screen remotely, and play product ads through the touch screen to better promote your products and brands.
4.Remote control of vending machine switch to save energy consumption.
5.Multiple sub-accounts can be set up and managed by the main account. multiple products in one purchase.


This locker vending machine is suitable for selling a variety of products, such as tennis rackets, badminton rackets, squash rackets, books, magazines and more,

It can also be used in multiple places, such as gyms, playgrounds, schools, bookstores, shopping malls, etc.

tennis racket locker vending machine with smart system

We accept custom designs to better fit the product base on your plan.

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