Gravity sensor vending machine is the advancement of unmanned vending


With the rapid development of new retail, the types of vending machines have become more and more diversified. According to the way of goods delivery, they can be divided into spring machines, lattice machines, crawler machines, snake-shaped cargo conveyors, RFID-based freezer machines, Image recognition machine, gravity sensor vending machine.

smart fridge vending machine

Among them, the gravity-sensing unmanned vending machine does not need to affix electronic tags on each product, and uses gravity-sensing technology to identify the information of the product, which greatly reduces operating costs. At the same time, with its multiple application scenarios, scalability, strong replication capabilities, and accommodating multiple SKUs, more and more advantages are being introduced to the market.

smart fridge vending machine shopping flow

Gravity-sensing fresh vending machine purchase method is to swipe a card, open the door, pick up the goods, and automatically settle after closing the door.

This unmanned vending container uses the "weight-sensing principle", and its sensing weight is accurate to 1 gram.

The customer wants to open the vending cabinet first by swiping the card, and the customer can open the cabinet door to take out the goods. Subsequently, the vending cabinet will automatically deduct money from the customer's card according to the change in weight.

smart fridge vending machine

There are different scenarios for choosing different vending cabinets, such as refrigeration and preservation, room temperature, heating, etc.

smart fridge vending machine

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