Why are the outlets of most vending machines set at the bottom?

micron smart snack vending machine

The vigorous development of the unmanned retail industry has brought vending machines into the public's field of vision again. Especially with the development of mobile payment technology, vending machines have spread all over the streets and can be seen everywhere. Careful friends may find that most of the vending machines on the market are set below the machine. Why is this?

Existing vending machines, especially beverage vending machines, often have outlets located below the machines. For such fall-resistant products, vending machines often use the gravity of the goods to drop directly to the pickup port, or set up a pickup channel, and the goods fall along the channel through gravity to reach the pickup port, which is convenient and simple, and can Reduce equipment manufacturing costs, which is why vending machine pickups are usually located below.

xy elevator vending machine

As for the current vending machines, with the development of technology, more and more manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the experience of consumers, and they are set to pick up goods in the middle of the machine, which greatly facilitates consumers and does not have to bend down to pick up goods. This is undoubtedly a kind of progress. For example, the Micron xy-axis vending machine has an elevator, the delivery is stable, and it can sell some fragile items, which is more convenient than picking up the goods below. This vending machine is more ergonomically designed, and the consumer experience is more complete.

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