Why are the lucky bag vending machines so popular with young people?

lucky bag vending machines

As a kind of vending machine with strong entertainment, the lucky bag vending machine has created a new trend and entertainment mode of the new retail vending machine, bringing a new experience to consumers, and also providing more possibilities for the vending industry and the sale of derivatives. sex.

In addition to making efforts in traditional e-commerce channels, an interesting vending machine for lucky bags has also appeared. At present, the blessing bag vending machine includes the functions of drawing blind boxes and buying blind boxes to exchange gifts. With the upgrading of social consumption structure, consumers have more inclinations in the field of spiritual consumption and intelligent consumption. Compared with the straightforward purchase method, consumers are more willing to try an experiential consumption method. Blind box vending machines not only meet consumers' needs for intelligent consumption, but also the unknown novelty brought by them in the process of consumer experience, which also touches consumers' consumption needs in the field of spiritual entertainment.

lucky bag vending machines

Most of the audience of lucky bags are young people born in the 80s and 90s who already have a certain economic ability. Once they come into contact with the surprise and interesting gameplay of the blind box, it is easy to fall in love with this fresh and trendy toy.
The setting of hidden models is the most exciting way to play in the blind box. Their shapes are always made ingenious, and the extremely low probability of winning gives them great collection value. Of course, there are also players with "money ability", who can always get the money they want by directly taking one box after another. To sum up, the design sense of the lucky bag toy, coupled with the hidden, limited and other fancy play methods, make it have the value of collection.
For girls, the little cuties in the box are an indispensable embellishment in selfies; for toy collectors, a complete set of dolls can bring them great satisfaction.

The most important thing is that in addition to the cute shape, the healing of the lucky bag lies in the moment when you draw your favorite style. I believe that everyone who has drawn the doll they want can feel the same!

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