Who said vending machines can only sell drinks and snacks?

Micron smart vending machines

Who said vending machines can only sell drinks and snacks?

Most of the products sold by vending machines are mainly juice, coffee, milk and other beverages, as well as snacks, dried tofu, nuts and other snacks, in addition to some unique new models, which can be sold " Instant coffee", "heated rice balls", "raw oysters", "instant noodles", etc. This can't help but make people feel curious about what the internal structure of this machine is.

hot water vending machines

Combination vending machine with adjustable temperature, which can serve both hot and cold beverages. Some of these vending machines have microwaves to heat food. These are all unique features of vending machines.

custom vending machines

Vending machines not only sell drinks and food, but shoe and clothes vending machines have recently appeared. In addition, mobile phone accessories, commemorative coins, toys, etc. can be purchased through vending machines.

shoes and clothes vending machines

Various types of vending machines are becoming more and more popular, and the combination of dining car and vending machine is so big that you can't think of it. The common feature of vending machines is that when the goods in the machine are sold out, a "sold out" notification will be displayed in the operating system interface, and real-time sales data can be viewed from the mobile phone.

Micron smart fridge vending machines

Vending machines are so convenient and simple, naturally very popular, we can put vending machines in factories, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, amusement parks and other places with dense traffic to increase our sales.

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