What will be the future of vending business? Some sharing from Nate, Micron Smart Vending.


Together,  lets step into the new era of unmanned retail.

Micron smart vending business

1st, tradition vending machine is mainly for snack and drink. Vending machine, as a unmanned retail solution can be for all kinds of product. Our customers used our vending machine to sell: fresh fruit, vegetable, frozen meat, cheese, padel racket and even oysters.   Every product can be, unmanned retail, that's what we believe.

2nd, Use IOT technology, all real time data can be view from mobile phone, and the operator can remote control the vending machine. We make vending operation easier.

Micron smart vending business

We have one of the most advanced smart vending software, with lots of features, and it's keep upgrading fast. Base on China, the fastest growing vending machine market, and we are exporting our machines to about 50 counties. When we are making more qty, our cost will be lower.

Micron smart vending business

So, work with us,  our partner will enjoy lower hardware cost with evolving software features.

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