What is the best vending solution for office? Workplace vending machine opportunity. Smart Fridge vending machine. Updated. 2022.10.28

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Want to expend your vending business to all the workplace?
While it's a heavry investment to do it.
Traditional vending machine is not so flexible for different packing product.
While employees always ask for new food/fruit/drink.
Here we recommend Micron Smart fridge vending machine.
Flexible, afforable, smart!
Expend your vending business fast with us!

Product detail page:

The best office vending machine solution compact can sell fresh fruit salad box snack and drink

real healthy

What is the best vending solution for office?
1. It need to be compact, don’t occupy too much space.
2. Office is the place people spend lots of time, the shopping experience if it’s just like home, it would be great!
3. People in the office share similar interest, similar demand. If the vending machine can share some valued information, play some video, picture as advertisement or promotion, it would be great.
4. Office employee care about healthy very much. If the vending machine have the option to offer fresh fruit, Salad box, fresh juice it would be great!
5. Office is not a place with a lot of people like subway station, school… So the investment income ratio must be considered. Vending machine operator could not put a very expensive vending machine to a office place.
6. Operation must be efficient, filler goes to refill only when need, and fast refill is is the key to improve the efficiency!

Is there any vending solution that can fulfil above requirement?
Micron Smart Vending had develop the best vending solution for office:
Micron Smart fridge vending machine.

         1.Compact Dimension: only 660mm wide and 645mm deep. Half size of normal vending machine.
smart fridge vending machine solution
  2.Grab and go shopping experience, just like taking a drink from the fridge at home.
Micron smart fridge vending machine solution
3.22 inch LCD screen, remote upload video and picture. Potential advertisement income.
              Micron smart fridge vending machine solution
4.Flexible for all kinds of product. Can sell by KG, can sell by piece. Fresh fruit, Salad box, glass bottle, snack, drink and all kinds of health food.
      5.Lower cost compare to spiral vending machine, less invest but for a better solution.

Micron smart fridge vending machine solution
6.Smart Vending system, real time inventory, sales data available from Mobile phone. Provide sales report enable operation to be data driven, sell what the employee want to buy. Fast filling saving 70% refill time compare to normal spiral machine.
Why smart fridge vending machine is better then spiral vending machine

Company Introduction:
Address. No.1 Tiantai 1st road, Huangpu area, Guangzhou, China, 512000
7 Years. Professional production experience in various kinds of vending machines.
40 Countries. So far, our machines had been exported to more than 40 countries.
30,000 + machines. We had manufactured and launched 30K+ machines to the field.
Smart vending System. Based on IOT technology Cloud + Hardware

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