Vending machines don't make money? Do these points well, making money is very easy


People often ask us whether the vending machine makes money or not, because hearing some people say that they don't make money, it shakes their confidence. In fact, in every industry, there are those who make money and those who do not. Just like the shops and restaurants on the street, there are often messages about losing money and selling, but the business is booming, and the bigger and bigger ones are everywhere. , The key is to look at the decisions and actions of operators.

smart fridge vending machine don't make money

In fact, it is very easy to make money when operating a vending machine as long as these points are done well.

1. Choose a good spot

       For a vending machine, position determines success or failure. If you put the vending machine in a remote and deserted place, there is very little traffic, and there is no doubt that the sales of this vending machine must be very poor. When placing a vending machine, be sure to choose a place with a large number of people and no small supermarkets or convenience stores nearby.

smart fridge vending machine don't make money

2. Choose goods

       What products are sold on vending machines are not static. They need to be flexibly changed according to the needs of the people at the places where they are placed. Mineral water, beverages and various snacks are the most common, but some specific places need to be matched with the corresponding goods for better efficiency. Such as selling adult products in hotels, selling fresh food in the community, selling socks in male dormitories, and selling female physiological products in female dormitories.

smart fridge vending machine don't make money

3. Smart management system

Today's vending machines are all intelligently controlled by the Internet. Except for replenishment and stocking, maintenance and repairs that require on-site operations, the others can be operated intelligently on the mobile phone. Regular vending machine manufacturers have independently developed back-end intelligent management systems, which are especially convenient and effective in batch operations. One person can manage multiple vending machines at the same time. As long as they can use the back-end management system proficiently, one or two people can do it at the same time. Operating dozens or even dozens of vending machines. If the vending machine you buy does not have an smart system or the system is out of date, the result may be hard work and no money.

smart fridge vending machine don't make money

The above three points are done, and you can make money with your vending machine very easily.

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