Can I buy shoes from a vending machine?shoes vending machine

Micron smart shoes vending machine

Vending machine for shoes.

Yes, even shoes can be sold form a vending machine. Micron Smart Vending had develop a vending machine for shoes.
It's with hanging slot. End customer will have a clear look at the shoes through the big glass window.
Micron smart shoes vending machine
And the the shoes specification can be view from the touch screen. 
Customer just check which shoes they like, and then click it from the touch screen, tag the credit card.
The shoes will just fall from the hanging slot and you will get it from the button of the machine.

So fast and convient! 

The touch screen can play video advertisement when no body buying.
It's a IOT smart vending machine, the operator can check real time sales data, inventory form the mobile phone.
Even turn off the LED lighting at night to save energy. Advertisement can be upload to the server remotely.

Micron smart shoes vending machine

If you are also interested in such a shoes vending machine, please contact us for more information!

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