If you are looking for a vending solution for recidencial area


If you are looking for a vending solution for recidencial area.
I would like to introduce you our smart fridge vending machine.

Here we have three smart fridges with me.

smart fridge vending machine

This one is freezer,can sell frozen dishes, ice cream, frozen meat.

smart fridge vending machine

These two fridge. Can sell snack/drink, fresh fruit, vegitable, big bottle milk, and other daily supplies.

smart fridge vending machine
smart fridge vending machine

Every fridge have a screen. we can upload picture, video, machine shopping flow from our back-end server.

smart fridge vending machine

Shopping experience is different from spiral vending machine. 
We Tag our credit card to open the fridge. Grab what what we want, can take multiple products, no problem. Closing the door, the machine will charge for what you had tooken.
Shopping process is faster, and no dropping, so fragile product no problem. Just like opening the fridge at your home.

The biggest advantadge is the fridge can sell all kinds of product as long as it fit in the blaket. 
And operator can change product easily just upload new product picture and price from server.

The smart fridge is base on weight sensing technology.  So we will have the option for each tray to sell by weight, or sell by piece.
For standard weight  product like snack/drink. We can sell by pieces.
For fresh fruit, vegitable, we can sell by weight.

It connect to our smart vending back-end server. 
We can check all real time sales data, inventory, from our mobile phone. And it will generate a sales ranking of product to help us select the right product to sell.

smart fridge vending machine

Let me summerize.
Advantage of the smart fridge.
1. Better shopping experience.
2. Flexible, suitable for all kinds of product, and changing product is easy
3. Data, enable you to identify the fast selling item and change the slow one.

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