How to avoid the problem of vending machine glass condensation

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How to avoid the problem of vending machine glass condensation?

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If the vending machine has a condensation problem, it will cause the machine to be unusable. How to deal with this in order to avoid this problem?

As the temperature warms up and the humidity starts to rise, the concentration of water vapor in the warmed air is high, causing condensation on the glass surface of the vending machine, which will directly affect everyone's use. In order to avoid this problem, in addition to guaranteeing the quality at the time of purchase, the following methods can also be used to avoid it.

1.Take off the whole door.
2.Remove out the metal frame.
3.Drill some holes at the edge to take out the molecular sieve adsorption dryer inside.
4.Put new molecular sieve adsorption dryer inside,and seal the holes by glue.
5.Install the metal frame after the glue is dry.

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