How to make money easily and how to choose a vending machine?


With the increasingly fierce competition in the new retail market, Chinese vending machines, suddenly resembling a waking lion, are extremely fierce, and have risen rapidly in just a few years, from traditional vending machines that no one cares about to Intelligent vending machines have already appeared in all major public places. People only need to swipe their cards, scan codes to pay, or swipe their faces to pay for all kinds of goods.

At this moment, vending machines are already waiting for opportunities to slowly replace physical stores and become a ubiquitous part of people's lives. So, some friends will ask, how do vending machines make money?

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If you want to make money in the vending machine industry, you need to make three choices: choose the right location, choose the right product, and choose the right machine.

Choose the right location:

Vending machines are offline sales terminals with very limited coverage. It may be a street or a campus or even an office building. The location requirements are still very high. Because of the limited coverage, the effective customer group density at this point is required to be high! When choosing a location for vending machines, you must examine the nature of a good place. Either the effective customer group density is high, or the flow of people is large (all kinds of station squares are also OK, as long as the flow of people is large).

Choose the right product:
Try to choose popular fast-moving consumer goods with a relatively stable market as much as possible. It is not that selling other products is not profitable, but that the market is unstable and uncontrollable. The risk is relatively high. Fast-moving consumer goods are typically a variety of snacks, beverages, and dairy products. Everyone can consume these products. The annual market consumption is also very stable. Although it is not a profitable product, the consumption is large, small profits but quick turnover, and the overall profit is still very high considerable.

Choose the right machine:
One is to choose the right machine type, and the other is to choose the right manufacturer. Let me talk about the first one, the type of machine should be selected appropriately, and the appropriate cargo lane should be selected for different commodities. Choosing the right machine can reduce the jam rate and increase the replenishment speed, thereby reducing the manpower and material resources directly spent on the machine. As an unmanned retail terminal, the reliability and after-sales service of the vending machine are very important. The machine that often fails will soon lose the trust of the customer group, and everyone may not shop on it, so choose a vending machine Be sure to choose a powerful factory.

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why choose our vending machine

why choose our vending machine

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