Fruit and vegetable smart fridge vending machine, 24-hour operation breaks the time limit


Judging from the current market, the unmanned fruit and vegetable vending machine is becoming more and more popular in the market, mainly because of its convenience, flexibility, and safety, and it has a variety of different functions to meet the needs.

Consumers have different needs, so these functions provide a good condition for the market of unmanned fruit and vegetable vending machines.

Now more and more people will not go shopping in traditional fruit and vegetable shops, especially during the epidemic, many people are reluctant to go to densely populated places.

If it were you, which one would you choose between an unmanned fruit and vegetable vending machine or a traditional fruit and vegetable store?

smart fridge vending machine


Good products have good technical support.

1.Simple and easy to operate payment method

       Swipe the card to open the door, close the door after choosing the product, and settle the amount through the gravity recognition system, and the amount is automatically deducted. It takes only a few minutes before and after the operation, which is very simple and convenient.

smart fridge vending machine shopping flow
2. One person manages multiple income points

      The unmanned fruit and vegetable vending machine is mobile and is a good product that allows more merchants to invest. Placed in different locations for consumers to buy and then get more benefits. The unmanned fruit and vegetable vending machine does not need to be guarded manually, and only needs to change the fruits and vegetables regularly, so it is not difficult for one person to manage several devices.

Micron smart fridge vending machine
3. Online and offline operations 24 hours a day

      The unmanned vending system saves labor costs, and the remote intelligent management system keeps the dishes fresh 24 hours a day. 24-hour operation is a major feature of unmanned fruit and vegetable vending machines, breaking the time limit.

smart fridge vending machine

A vending machine is equivalent to a store with no rent and no labor costs.

The 24-hour business model of 365 days is a wealth and career booster that saves you money, time and worry.

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