Can vending machine sell fresh fruit?Yes, fresh frui vending machine for sale! Smart fridge vending machine

author: Lorna
Nowadays, vending machine is business with objective interests, various products are avaliable to sell in a vending machine, and vending machine is low risk and cost business and maybe bring you huge benefits, so are you wondering if vending machine can sell fruit, did it make profit? what's kinds of vending machine is reliable for fruit

As a 8 year experience vending machine manufacture and supplier, I can tell you, vending machine did can sell fresh fruit, and I can offer you a new technology vending machine——Micron smart fridge

Can vending machine sell fresh fruit?What's kinds of vending machine is reliable for fruit?
Why this vending machine?
  1. Smart fridge can sell fruit by KG. You can set price and weight of each kinds of fruit, each good tray have weight sensor,  you can set the price and weight of the product in our server, for example, coke cola is 0.34kg and 1$, so when customer take a product, the machine will compare the weight difference before opening and after closed the door to know what product is taken, and charge the customer.
  2. Smart fridge has smart software system. We develop software system which can remote control the machine on mobile phone and computer, such as turn on/off the machine, check the real time inventory...
Can vending machine sell fresh fruit?What's kinds of vending machine is reliable for fruit?
  1. Affordable price, low cost. Compare to fruit store, smart fridge no need too much rent, labor cost, and it can affordable.
  2. 24/7 open, low labor cost. With smart software system, you can check the machine real time situation, you don't have to go to the machine to check.
  3. So far, this is the only machine in the vending industry that can do this kind of technology--sell by kg, and this smart fridge is the best solution to sell fruit, the traditional vending machines only sell products with regular shapes.

Did the smart software system are stable to use? How can I trust your company
We have 8 years manufacture experience in vending machine industry, and have been exported machines to more than 50 countries, 30,000+ machines in the filed. We have complete service, so you dont need to worry.  We use amazon cloud server both in Singapore and HongKong, and it make the machine run more faster and stable.

If youre interested in this vending machine, please contact us, and we can offer some advice about how to run your vending business for free.
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