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In recent years, the frenzy of unmanned container expansion and the influx of capital has passed. After the climax of previous rounds of unmanned retail, the overall development of the industry has entered a relatively stable period of development. At present, the dilemma faced by traditional retail itself still needs to be solved urgently, such as rent increase, labor cost increase and low gross profit rate swallowing the industry. Unmanned retail is still the best solution to this dilemma, so the industry is gradually entering After the rational development period, unmanned retail is still recognized by all walks of life.

"There is no perfect technology, only perfect scenes." Every new technology will bring a qualitative leap for the industry. At present, the main technologies used in unmanned retail are weight sensing, RFID, and visual recognition. What cannot be ignored in RFID is the increase in cost, the cost of the label itself and the labor cost of attaching the label; visual recognition has high requirements for servers and data traffic. The cost of learning is high, and selling new products must go through a professional learning process. Compared with the first two technologies, the weight-sensing unmanned vending cabinet can maximize the use of the space of the vending cabinet, and the products can be placed freely; there is no need to affix electronic tags, which greatly reduces In addition to operating costs, the calculation speed is fast and accurate. At the same time, it has many application scenarios, scalability, and strong replication capabilities.

Micron smart vending cabinets are the best among the weight-sensing unmanned vending cabinets. Its common modes are room temperature and refrigeration. The refrigerated cabinets can be used to sell beverages and fresh food; the prices of other commodities that do not require refrigeration, such as daily necessities, are more affordable. The room temperature cabinet.

Micron smart vending cabinet

Micron smart vending cabinet

Focus on improving user experience, reducing costs and increasing efficiency for businesses

Careful you will find that no matter where we are now, there will always be unmanned vending cabinets around us.

From the traditional vending machine's "select product-insert coin-change-click to ship-get the product", only one product can be selected at a time. This cumbersome shopping process has evolved into the "swipe card/scan code to open the door-of the smart vending machine" Purchase goods-close the door to settle the "three" to complete a shopping, and zero-distance contact with the goods, increase the user's desire to buy and increase the number of purchases. Traditional vending machines are currently unable to meet market demand. The emergence of smart vending cabinets has gradually been defaulted by consumers as a shopping habit due to its convenience and speed.

weight sensing smart fridge vending cabinet shopping flow


While improving user experience, Micron is also helping partners improve efficiency and reduce costs. In addition to the sales container, the back-end software platform is very important. The Micron operation platform provides purchase, sales and inventory management, sales data analysis and statistics, user data analysis, point management, etc., to help operators formulate marketing strategies.

Micron smart vending cabinet

The improvement of efficiency is the most important factor in the reduction of labor costs. Micron mobile terminal operation and maintenance can realize batch operation and maintenance replenishment. One mobile phone can complete the entire replenishment process, stock out warning, terminal status warning, data statistics, etc. All can be viewed and processed on the mobile phone.

Micron smart vending cabinet

If you have special products and want to be sold unmanned, you can choose our Micron smart weigh sensor cabinet, please contact us to learn more.