6 reasons why vending machines are better than unmanned convenience stores


Self-service vending machines are more efficient than unmanned convenience stores, but their positioning is to supplement rather than replace unmanned convenience stores, just because there is no one now, the technology of convenience stores is not mature. As far as current science and technology are concerned, the problems that unmanned convenience stores can solve, self-service vending machines can solve problems that unmanned convenience stores can't solve, and self-service vending machines can solve problems. There are several reasons:
1. More efficient, self-service vending machines are faster and simpler, and better protect the privacy of customers. For unmanned convenience stores, it is a hassle to enter first, and some stores also need to brush their faces, so that it is like a closed small space that is like a security inspection. It is more like we are being inspected by the police.

2. It is easier to maintain. There is no shelf in the vending machine, which is messed up by customers. There is no need to arrange the shelves, just replenishment. The unmanned convenience store's goods will be in a mess after being selected by more than a dozen customers.

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3. Self-service vending machines use less space and lower rents.
4. It is easier to prevent theft and the investment is lower.
5. The payment system of the self-service vending machine is more secure. Pay first, then ship.
6. The unmanned vending convenience store promotes "developing multiple profit channels such as operating income, advertising revenue, consumer finance, etc. on the basis of the original layout, so as to achieve performance growth." However, unmanned self-service vending machines can also be achieved. Nowadays, the advertisements of self-service vending machines have been done very well, and the display and interaction of advertisements on the front, middle, and back of the fuselage screen and mobile payment terminals are very mature. There is also a dedicated online mini-program. It is convenient for consumers to buy a second time.

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