Pizza vending machine have cooling locker and microwave


Today I'm going to introduce you to a pizza smart vending machine that has both a cooling locker and a microwave.

pizza vending machine

Locker is inside a fridge and the temperature of the cooling system can be maintained at 2-20 degrees.

We can see pizza ads from the 22-inch touch screen and choose the pizza we want. It's easy to just open the glass door and get the pizza out of the locker.

The door of the microwave lockers is open for 5 minutes after payment, so we can put the pizza in and heat it up if needed.

After 10 minutes, the door automatically opens, so we can take out the pizza and enjoy the hot pizza!

pizza vending machine

The vending machine has a customisable size locker, which is suitable for pizza as well as fragile and irregular products.

Also suitable for different places, such as offices, factories, schools, supermarkets, convenience stores, train stations, subway stations and so on.

Our vending machines are equipped with smart systems that can check and update inventory in real time through mobile phones, and remotely control the power switch and other functions.

Software systems are also updated from time to time.

If you want more details, you can contact us directly.

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