Smart fridge vending machine can freeze to minus 18 degrees, it's that simple!


Today we introduce a smart fridge vending machine!

It can be refrigerated to -18°C and can sell a variety of products that require freezing temperatures,such as quick-frozen dumplings, quick-frozen beef balls, quick-frozen seafood and other types of quick-frozen products.

smart fridge vending machine

Milk smart fridge vending machine

Next, we briefly introduce the smart fridge vending machine.

The top of the smart fridge uses a 22-inch non-touch screen.

The screen can be used to play pictures or videos to attract customers' attention and is full of fun.

There is an intelligent cooling system inside, the lowest temperature can be -18℃, which can meet the freezing needs of a variety of commodities.

smart fridge vending machine

The shopping process of the smart fridge vending machine is as follows:

1. The customer can open the door directly by swiping the card without waiting.
2. Choose the goods you need and take them out directly.
3. Close the door and the shopping is complete.
4. The money will be automatically settled from the card.

grab n go smart fridge vending machine

The smart fridge vending machine supports various forms of commodities such as boxes, bags, cups, glass bottles, etc.

The size of the internal cargo lane supports customization, and the space utilization rate is very high.

The whole shopping process is as smooth as the flow, making people linger and want to buy it!

All in all, this is a very popular vending machine, and it is a vending machine that is easy to make customers' heartbeat!

smart fridge vending machine

This vending machine can accommodate different commodities suitable for different scenarios, and has a very wide range of operations!

When accommodating pre-packaged ice cream, it can be placed in outdoor plazas, tourist attractions, commercial streets, etc. with a large flow of people.

It can accommodate quick-frozen dumplings and frozen fresh food, which can be placed at the entrance of supermarkets and high-end communities.

It can accommodate ready-to-eat foods such as boxed lunches and cooked food, which can be put into offices, factories, railway stations, etc. with microwave ovens!

In short, this is a high-end intelligent vending machine with great development prospects!

smart fridge vending machine

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