China TOP 3 Vending machine Exporter


Micron smart vending


Why choose us? 

As we are one of the top three vending machine exporters in China, we are a reliable company. 

We promise our client: 

1. High-quality products. 

2. Stable, intelligent vending system.

3. Committed to long-term cooperation.

why choose our vending machine

why choose our vending machine

Vending machine Software feature

1. Real time inventory data.

2. Upload advertisement.

3. Touch screen interface.

4. Remote on/off the cooling system.

5. happy hour setting.

6. Set sub account.

7. member management system.

8. Can integrate E-wallet.

9. Remoet check sales data report.

10. Multiple product buying in one time.

11. Age vertification

12. Support E-wallet

13. Food expiration date management.

vending machine smart system features

vending machine smart system features


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