What is required to be a good vending soluiton in Gym?

The best vending machine for Gym

What is required to be a good vending soluiton in Gym?
1. Must be able to offer energy drink
2. With the flexibility to offer all kinds of healthy food
3. Even some sport equitment.
4. The machine must look fancy, if it's with advance tech, it will upgrade the gym.
5. Better be compact, as it's convient to restock it, the machine need to be small.
6. If the machine could support IC card member card, would be great.

Which vending machine is the best solution for Gym. I will recommend you Micron Smart Fridge vending machine.

Micron Smart Fridge vending machine:
1.Compact Dimension: only 660mm wide and 645mm deep. Half size of normal vending machine.
Micron smart fridge vending machine
2.Grab and go shopping experience, just like taking a drink from the fridge at home.

Micron smart fridge vending machine

3.22 inch LCD screen, remote upload video and picture. Potential advertisement income. Fancy looking!

4.Flexible for all kinds of product. Can sell by KG, can sell by piece. Fresh fruit, Salad box, glass bottle, snack, drink and all kinds of health food. 

micron smart fridge vending machine

5. Support IC, member card!

micron smart fridge vending machine

Company Introduction:
Address. No.1 Tiantai 1st road, Huangpu area, Guangzhou, China, 512000
7 Years. Professional production experience in various kinds of vending machines.
40 Countries. So far, our machines had been exported to more than 40 countries.
30,000 + machines. We had manufactured and launched 30K+ machines to the field.
Smart vending System. Based on IOT technology Cloud + Hardware

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