What beverages and snacks are placed in the vending machine for good sales?

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The emergence of new retail has made the food vending industry booming, and food vending machines are now mature. Many people will find that some vending machine products sell well, and some vending machine products are not bought by anyone. What's causing this? This is where the choice of placement or product selection goes wrong.

What products are sold in the food, beverage and snack vending machines?
The beverage brands placed in the beverage vending machines are also very important. The first feeling of food people is to be safe, so choosing some big brands of food quality will be more guaranteed. Customers will also buy with confidence. If it is food without any safety guarantee, no one will be willing to buy it, and it will also violate the relevant laws. Therefore, Micron recommends that it is best to choose products with well-known brands when choosing food, beverages, and snacks.

What are the startup costs of snack vending machines besides vending machines?
In terms of cost, it includes useless electricity bills, store rental fees, and because the current snack vending machines are all intelligent vending machines that have a background for order statistics, which needs to be linked to a server. This also costs a few hundred dollars a month. Of course, if you join a snack vending machine company. The server fee is usually paid by the franchise headquarters.

Micron smart vending machine

What are the advantages of snack vending machines over traditional retail convenience stores?
First of all, of course, the snack vending machine has a convenient layout, and there are no high store rental costs. And you can lay out a very wide range of points. Shopping malls, movie theaters, bus stations, train stations, movie theaters and other places can place snack vending machines, which are very flexible in terms of flexibility. Plus no labor costs. Open 24 hours a day. These advantages are enough to make you a convenience store entrepreneur.

How can snack vending machines operate to make more money?

1. Of course, it is the choice of the product system. There are thousands of snacks in the world. Placing different snacks in different locations is a good delivery strategy. The snacks at the entrance of the cinema and by the train station are of course different. Reasonable choice of snack system can make more money.
2. The difference between snacks and other products is that they have a certain shelf life. Therefore, when choosing a delivery location, it is necessary to do a good job of investigating the flow of people, and to count the amount of traffic. Entrepreneurs need to be prepared. Can't buy too much goods, resulting in unsold snacks and increased costs.

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