The benefit of operating vending machines by snack & beverage manufacturer & brand suppliers


During the Covid-19 pandemic, many shops are closed or just open at a short time, while many people have to stay at home and they have huge demand for snacks and beverage.

How to provide the customers with a convenient and contactless way to get the snacks and beverage?

Obviously, operating vending machines is a good project for the snack & beverage manufacturer & brand suppliers. Why?

  1. Location: it is flexible to deploy vending machines on the locations according to customers’ demand.
  2. Time: the vending machines can provide service 24/7/365 continuously, and customers can buy the goods at any time they want, no need to go to the crowded shops. Undoubtedly, it will directly boost the sales volume.
  3. Selling mode: from manufacturer/ brand suppliers to consumers directly, no intermediate circulation links, which will increase the selling profitability level.
  4. Cash flow: all transactions are settled in cash, rather than 30/60/90 days of credit. It will improve the cash flow status for the manufacturer/ suppliers which is helpful to continue the business in such a difficult period.
  5. Smart management: manufacturer/ brand suppliers can check the real-time inventory and sales data from the cloud-based smart vending system by mobile phone or laptop, which makes the management so easy!
  6. Data feedback: from the data analysis, manufacturer/ brand suppliers can identify the locations with the biggest & least selling amount, and which commodities are the best & worst seller, as well as the profit level of each commodity. By analyze the data, they can adjust the location and commodity combination accordingly to maximize the business volume and profit.
  7. Advertisement: some vending machines have multimedia screen for displaying the advertisement content in video or photo formats, which will be delivered to the end users directly. It’s a good way for brand marketing.

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We can combine internet, vending machine with traditional channel commercial chain code based on Cloud Service. With high quality and excellent service, Micron Tech has established a wide market influence and high reputation in vending machine field.

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