Snack drink vending machine in Singapore smart fridge vending machine for snack drink

Micron smart fridge vending machine 
21.5 screen: Dispaly advertisement.
Grab n go, only 3 steps in shopping flow: Tag your card, grab the products you want and go
How does the vending machine work?
Q:How does the smart fridge know the price when I take out a drink?
A:Fisrt,set a dirnk's price and weight on samrt software system, and every tray's bottom has a weigh sensor, when you take out a drink, sensor will know how much weight has been lost and then calculate the price corresponding to that weight.

Capacity: 500 drinks, 400 snacks
Payment system: card reader(Nayax, Pax,ICT)
Options: Sigle door, only cover 1㎡, Double door.