Let's put healthy farm produce product on vending machine!

smart fridge vending machine

Who don’t want to buy fresh healthy farm produce product?
Why we have to go to supper market all the way, now we should give customer another option:Micron Smart Vending machine!

Micron Smart vending offer vending machines specially designed for farm produce product. Such as egg, fresh vegetables,fresh fruit,frozen meat,potato...We have two models for these product.

One is Micron smart fridge/freezer vending machine. Base on weight sensing technology.

Micron smart fridge vending machine

Provide u the option of sell product by Kg, or by piece. Grab and go shopping experience,just like taking from a normal fridge.  Compact design but big capacity,With smart vending system support,help you run the business easier!Already proven success in China market, and exported to more then 20 countries, great opportunity!

cooling locker vending machine

cooling locker vending machine

Cooling/ freezing locker vending machine, just put your product inside the locker and ready for sales. No dropping, no limit to product packing. Suitable for all kinds of farm produce product. Already many operator use it to sell egg, frozen meat, potato, cheese…

cooling locker vending machine

Micron Smart Vending, Smart unmanned retail for every product, every where!

If you are interested in smart vending machines, please contact us for more information.

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