How to start vending machine business from scratch in five steps


Many people who are interested in vending machines will ask: How can I make money with vending machines? Where is the most difficult part of making a vending machine?

The key to establishing a vending machine business is to find a suitable location, have a certain number of points, keep the machine running normally, and maximize profits.

The steps to start the vending machine business are as follows:

1. Understand whether the vending machine business is suitable for you, and remember not to be hot for three minutes.

 2. Find out the type of vending machine you need.

 3. Choose the products sold by the machine.

 4. Get your machine.

 5. Place your machine and maintain it.

I will introduce these contents for you in detail, hoping to solve your key problems.

Step 1: Determine whether the vending machine business is right for you.

        Like most entrepreneurs, there is no quick way to establish a vending machine business. If you are fully prepared for the obstacles and hard work involved, the probability of success will be greater.Perhaps the most difficult part of starting a vending machine business is the choice of machine location. If you are not sure that your machine is in a very good position, do some preliminary market research before you take action. Look at potential locations and try to understand the flow of people and the types of products that are suitable for sale in the potential location.

Step 2: Find out the type of vending machine you need
         Each specific occasion has different machine requirements, potential demand for specific location types, product costs, profit margins, shelf life, etc. The most common vending machines are beverages and snacks. But now there are many different vending machines, such as coffee machines, fresh juice machines, medicine machines, gift machines, adult products machines, fresh food machines, etc. You may need to use new machines to attract the market.

Step 3: Choose the products sold by the machine

        If you have already done this, you can place vending machines where there is enough traffic. Now you need to consider the products and prices in the machine. In general, you should choose products that you think will sell well in your location, try to set prices, and understand the prices at which the products are sold in the surrounding area.

Step 4: Get your machine

        To buy a new vending machine now, you need to understand the machine type, structure and functions attached to the machine. For example, you need to select the size and configuration of the machine, whether it is refrigerated or heated, payment and back-end system, etc.

Step 5: Place your machine and maintain it

         Choose a suitable location to place your machine. Once you have a place, the 3 most important things you can do are to keep the machine in stock, clean, and operating. Clean, well-lit, well-stocked vending machines are more attractive and increase sales.

Starting a vending machine business is easy, but it takes a lot of work to build a sizable market. You need to find the right place, be good at the right combination of products and prices, and spend time maintaining sufficient machine inventory. If you can do all this well, it will be very easy to make money with vending machines.

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