How should vending machines be anti-theft?

How should vending machines be anti-theft

With the improvement of national living standards, intelligent equipment gradually replaces labor, but vending machines are unattended 24 hours a day. At present, there will be a small number of people who will steal, so as a vending machine operator here Learn how to prevent theft!

1. Install cameras to increase deterrence.

2. Negotiate with the venue provider about anti-theft issues.

3. For the kind of violent prying, you can only negotiate with the venue provider to strengthen security, try to recycle banknotes as often as possible, and don’t put too many coins.

How should vending machines be anti-theft?

4. Fix the four fixed feet of the machine on the ground, fix it with cement, or fix the back of the machine to the wall to prevent someone from swaying and stealing.

5. If the circumstances are bad, those who break the glass and steal can only be intervened by the person in charge of the venue or the police.

More and more effective anti-theft methods are welcome to give suggestions.

How should vending machines be anti-theft?
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