Elevator vending machine for sale red wine champagne beer can


Today we introduce a wine/champagne/whisky vending machine

The following video shows you the process of shipping wine.

6 reasons to choose this vending machine

  1. With elevator to prevent products from being broken
  2. With cooling system, adjustable temperature
  3. With age recognizer, only adults can buy
  4. Full glass door, beautiful and durable
  5. Anti-theft design
  6. smart system
red wine vending machine

Our software advantage:

  1. Real time inventory
  2. Real time sales data
  3. Remote upload advertisement
  4. Remote on/off AC and lighting
  5. Support multiple products in one purchase
  6. Can upload company logo and service number.
  7. Sub account setting
  8. Software remote upgrade
  9. Support off line transaction
red wine vending machine

This model fits the product:wine / champagne / beer can / glass bottle / CBD / snack / cosmetics and so on.

Use place: hotel / mall / supermarket / station and so on.

If you are interested in this vending machine, please contact us directly.