Do vending machines have to be waterproof and rainproof?

Micron smart outdoor vending machines

Yes, it must be waterproof and rainproof.

Factories, hospitals, stations, tourist attractions and other places with large traffic or many people and relatively closed spaces are ideal vending machines. Some of them are indoors, and some are outdoors. Vending machines are placed outdoors in the open air. In the entire vending machine industry, vending machines are not waterproof or rainproof, especially models with large touch screens. It is common knowledge in the industry that the screen will fail when exposed to water. If the screen is soaked in water, it will not work, and if it is soaked in water or exposed to rain, it may cause the circuit board to corrode and break.

Micron smart outdoor vending machines

There are cooling vents under the vending machine, which are the same as the interior. If you soak in water, the water will definitely enter the inside of the machine. The coin slot of the coin machine on the machine is also connected to the interior. Water will enter in heavy rain, and if the touch screen is exposed to rain, water will fail.

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When selecting the location of the vending machine, the ground is required to be firm and level and a part of the height should be raised to prevent the accident of the machine from tilting due to the ground collapse when it rains or the accident of water entering the machine caused by the accumulation of water in the low-lying area. Also build a rain shelter to prevent the machine from getting wet.

Micron smart outdoor vending machines

Even if some vending models do not have a touch screen or a coin slot, do not directly expose to the rain, which will increase the failure rate and affect the service life of the vending machine. It is normal for a vending machine to be used for more than eight years or even ten years as long as measures are taken to protect it from the wind and rain.

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