Smart fridge vending machine detail introduction. How it work, how is it better compare to traditional vending machine. which type of smart fridge vending machine is better. Updated. 2022.10.13

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More and more company promoting smart fridge vending machine. Such as Micron Smart Vending, Selecta, Byte, Coolgreens…

So, what is smart fridge vending machine. It’s a vending machine with grab and go experience, shopping flow is: swipe bank card/ credit card, open door, take the product, close door and go. Money will be deducted from the card. And in the market, there are different type of smart fridge vending machine. Micron Smart Vending and Selecta is going for weight sensing technology. And other suppliers are mainly using RFID to identify what are token from the smart fridge.
What is smart fridge vending machine, is it better?

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Smart fridge vending machine compare to traditional venidng machine, which one is better.

What is the advantage of smart fridge vending machine?
1. Better customer shopping experience. Fast, and grab and go.
2. Smaller machine with affordable price compare to traditional spiral machine. 
3. Flexible for all kinds of product, as long as it fit in the tray. So no matter fragile product, irregular product all no problem. It can sell snack&drink, sandwich, beer, wine, fresh vegitable, fresh fruit, Ice cream, frozen meat.
4. So easy to change product to meet customer’s changing demand. Micron Smart Vending provide smart venidng system with the machine, you can see the sales ranking of product, replace the not-selling product and no need to adjust the sprial, Just change the product.
4. Grab and go, no drop, no stuck.
5. Easy refill, saving operator’s time. 50% less refilling time for the filler. Saving time and money.
6. Can easily make it a smart freezer for Ice cream, frozen food.

What is smart fridge vending machine, is it better?
With Micron Smart Vending system, below is the software features available:
Micron Smart Vending Software features
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What is the advantage of weight sensing smart fridge vending machine?

1. No need to put RFID tag, saving the operator’s time and money.
2. Having the option of sell by KG. Very suitable to sell fresh fruit, frozen meat, vegetable.

What is smart fridge vending machine, is it better?

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How to purchase vending machine from Micron Smart Vending, purchase process.

FAQ of Smart fridge vending machine.
1. How dose the machine know what product customer took?
Each good tray have weight sensor,  the machine will compare the weight difference before opening and after closed the door to know what product is tooken.
2. What if the customer's card have low balance and he took many product?
You can set how much balance is required to open the fridge, such as 50 usd.
3. What if the customer take product from tray 1 and put in tray 2?
Machine will sense the error, showing error in the screen and voice warning to remind customer, if the customer still close the door without corrective action. the product tooken form tray 1 will be charged.
4. Can I remotely check the inventory and sales data?
Yes, with our smart vending system, all data can be checked from mobile.
5. Do you provide after-sales service/ product warranty?
Yes, Free spare parts provided with machine shipment 1 year warranty provided, spare parts sent by air if there is any failure.Remote tech support is provided.
6. How long do you deliver?
For standard machine, lead time is 30-45 days, for custom made machine, please check with our sales team.
7. Is this system stable?
Yes, We had exported smart fridge vending machines to more then 20 countires. Already 3000+ smart fridge vending machine in the field, and we supply to some major vending machine opeartion.
8. What if the customer take more then 1 product?
Customer can take many product at one time, that is no problem. And all will be charged.
9. Can we sell sandwich, bread. Products that may have small weight difference, in the smart fridge?

Yes, when we select selling mode as "sell by piece", there will be a 50% tollerence, for example, you set the standard weight for a sandwich is 200g. If 180g tooken, or 230 g tooken from the tray. Machine will know, one sandwich is tooken.
10. Can we sell fresh fruit in the smart fridge?
Yes, just need to select selling mode as" sell by weight", set the price per KG. by comparing the weight differnce, smart fridge will caculate: "kg price" times "lost weight". Many customer use our smart fridge vending machine to sell fresh fruit by KG.
11. Is smart fridge vending machine technology good and stable enough to use?
Yes, In china market, already arround 20% of vending machine in the market are smart fridge vending machine. And Micron Smart Vending is one of the mainjor supplier of smart fridge, already export to 20+ countries and getting good feed back. Below some customer feedback.
Smart fridge vending machine customer feedback

smart fridge vending machine customer feedback

What is smart fridge vending machine, is it better?
What is smart fridge vending machine, is it better?
What is smart fridge vending machine, is it better?
What is smart fridge vending machine, is it better?