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Order a drink from mobile receive it without leaving the room, vending machine dispense+ robot delivery. We make unattended retail next level\n\nCan you image when you are at home/hotel/hospital/office, you can buy food/meal/drink from the vending machine downstairs without leaving room?\nWe make it possible!
Micron flower bouqueat vending machine in Singapore airport
Suitable for many kinds of productss
Slim design, quick shopping flow, just swipe your card, open the door and grab the product you want
21.5 inch touch screen, full glass shopping window, adjustable AC temperature...
Accept customize payment system: card reader, E-wallet, coin aceepter
21.5 inch touch screen, customize rain shelter and stickers,support e-wallet, coin, paper money, card payment system(accept customize)
XY elevator vending machine can sell fragile product like can drink,.wine, and other glass bottle products
Big capacity vending machine with microwave oven accept customize
Smart fridge vending machine is suitable for fragile and irregular products like glass bottle drink(wine, beer...) vegetable, cake, sandwich
Beer, alcohol vending machine, high tech vending machine with robot arm to delivery the glass bottle safe. Updated. 2022.9.30
Do you want to do alcohol vending business?
Here we have a solution for you!
As a mindset we all believe vending business is about snack and drink.\nOf course it’s more then that, all kinds of vending machine going make unattended retail popular. Most kinds of product can be sold in vending machine.\nHere we will introduce three profitable vending business, let’s see if you are ready to enter into one of them.\nFlower vending machine, vape vending machine, fresh food vending machine.
How to become reseller/ Exclusive distributor of Micron Smart Vending. Reselling world class smart vending machine!\nIf you have plan to work with us, please contact us, let’s talk about your plan.\nTogether, we make unattended retail popular!
IOT technology make unattended retail easier,saving your time and money.\nThis article will introduce you about our smart vending management system. \nIt’s a Amazon could based management system. Enable vending machine operator to get real time data of the vending machine. And remote control the vending machine.\nWe start developing Micron smart vending management system since 2018. Now already the 4th version. We believe it is one of the most advanced available in the industry.
24/7 unmanned convient store, super market solution for sale. self service store full of Smart fridge vending machine.
The best office vending machine solution compact can sell fresh fruit salad box snack and drink.
Smart fridge vending machine able to help you expend fast.
As it's flexible for all kinds of product, changing product to meet customer demand is very easy for smart fridge vending machine.
Afforable vending machine, invest less and get higher profit.
Small machine, can install it in small office.
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