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We care about the environment we are living with. As a vending machine manufacture. We did two things to make our vending machine to be environmentally friendly.
Some of our clients, you who are watching this video may be one of them, are scratching their heads to increase the sales from their smart fridge vending machines, but sometimes they\'ve got into a real fix when consumers just don\'t buy their ideas.
1st, I want to share with you, what is happening in China vending market. Back in 2016, There are only 200,000 vending machines in China. In 2022, there are already about 1.4 million machines in the market. So it’s 7 times in 7 years.
With the improvement of national living standards, intelligent equipment gradually replaces labor, but vending machines are unattended 24 hours a day. At present, there will be a small number of people who will steal, so as a vending machine operator here Learn how to prevent theft!
​​​​​​​Malaysia E-wallet is already been wildly used. With no double, in very close future, E-wallet will occupy major payment method.
More and more vending machine reseller, operator buy vending machine from China. Reason is that, China vending machine market is bigger and bigger, so the vending machine manufactures production capacity is getting bigger, and material cost is getting lower. And China have the advantage of software + hardware combination, making the vending machine Smart
Cupcake and  birthday cake sales is now limited in the store, if we could put it in the vending machine, can increase the sales and bring convenient to people who may need it. If you want to do it, we have the solution!
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